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Quantum 3 Media is an industry-leading vessel for premier customer acquisition, contact center services, lead generation and data management. For over two decades, leadership at Q3M has established itself as a pivotal player in the direct marketing industry. To help generate online business, we are here to help facilitate a client’s financial leads, small IFA’s, and additional large-scale networks.

Our recruiting and staffing process requires candidates to show themselves approved as it pertains to high pressure call center operational environments. Some of our services also include: setting pay-scales, selection packaging, and succession planning. This would ultimately help us create a boost in your contact rates as well.

With the help of our partners, we are able to acquire the necessary data, while staying within the budget and typology of your specific project. With our data assets, we can solidify a large return on investment for our clients’ campaigns.

The Proprietary Technology Platform is a subsidiary of Quantum 3 media. Proprietary technology incorporates closed source software which is owned by high-end companies that excel in providing proprietary services. Q3M is one of the few leading companies with permission to use this valuable asset. We address the needs of various clients who may require delivery and solution to complex situations in various departments such as education, beauty, discounts, dating, health and wellness, financial services, and insurance. We are able to do all this while staying within the clients’ budgets.





Education Advisors at Education Direct, a Q3M Company, have received extensive training and development in completing the prospecting cycle. Gaining prospective leads, generating the leads, categorizing and qualifying the leads are just a few things that our team is trained in. The goal is to sift through the leads and discover/select prospects that are most likely to move forward with their education via program selection and enrollment. Via conversational practices such as rapport building, effective probing and program knowledge, our agents work tirelessly to ensure that your enrollment rates increase each quarter.

homeHome Services – Satellite, Cable, Internet, Security & Home Security, a Q3M company, is also committed to ensure that clients, partners and friends provide life-changing home services. Ranging in between areas such as: home entertainment (cable and satellite television), internet, home security services, and solar energy, our job is to match each customer with home services they want, and introduce them to opportunities they may need. Focusing on our first contact resolution goal, our agents are trained and coached in areas such as establishing consultative tones, probing for information, solution positioning and closing the sale. We also strive to provide satisfactory customer experiences on each interaction your lead will have with our agents.

 shield Insurance

An agent at Quantum 3 Media works as a liaison between a prospective client and an insurance agency, broker or provider. The agent’s role is in finding the vertical and policy type that best meets the customer’s need. We recognize the necessity of each type and level of insurance, while understanding that choosing the right insurance policy is among the most important decisions a person, or family, will ever have to make. Our agents will represent you with the highest level of integrity, and deliver exceptional customer service, whether the customer is in need of healthcare coverage (for over and under 65 years-of-age), a life insurance policy, property and casualty protection, home-owner’s insurance, or a simple auto policy.


callcenterContact Center Services

Q3M fosters a production environment that is accessible to our clients and partners. Our state-of-the-art contact center is filled with highly skilled and thoroughly trained, customer service representatives. Our focus on hiring, training, technology, and quality control enables our customers to view us as an extension of their marketing or service initiatives.  Give us a call today, we’d love to join your business family…as we welcome you into our own!

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