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Quantum 3 Media is one of the fastest growing organizations within the customer acquisition, lead generation, contact center services and data management industry. At Q3M, helping our clients reach their business goals, while cultivating a thriving, fun and professional work environment for our employees, is at the top of our priority list.

Our 20 + years of experience in the direct marketing industry helps strengthen the foundation of trust with all of our partners. Whether through media channels such as email, display, search visibility or mobile service, leaders at Q3M pour every ounce of knowledge and expertise they have to ensure a return on your investment, in a quality-driven way.

Focus on Goals

Our team is committed to our clients. Outlining, then executing, our company-wide key performance indicators (KPI’s) allows us to aid in the advancement of your business while ensuring that our services fall within FCC compliance guidelines. Whether it is through strategies, technology or campaigns, Q3M wouldn’t be where it is in the industry today if it weren’t for our staff. Our onboarding process is tailored to attract employees who have experience, talent and a passion for growth within the communications and marketing industry.  We aren’t seeking to fill employment gaps, but offer individuals career opportunities.

Innovative Strategies

We exist to help your business succeed. In a generation where technology is evolving at a rapid rate, Quantum 3 Media is committed to learning, understanding and exercising alternative sales strategies, business concepts and culture-changing tactics that will not only keep your company current, but also give you the chance to get ahead of your competition. At the end of the day, it’s our job to help you generate increased income, in more ways than one.

Our Role in Delivering Customer Delight with Leadership

By investing in areas such as: Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Effective Communication and Coaching, we are merging our 20 + years of experience with these principles in an attempt to make sure that our partners have a lasting and delightful business relationship with us. Through data management, marketing concepts and the advancement of technology, Q3M doesn’t only want to help you with your current business goals, but we also would like to help shed light on any unrecognized needs you may have.

Holding ourselves accountable for: First contact resolutions, the partnership with marketing vendors, brokers, consultants and technology firms, creating successful campaigns, and conducting all necessary research has been the key ingredient for our success.

Ongoing Learning

At Quantum 3 Media, we pride ourselves on the concept of Kaizen (Continued Development), the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. Imbedded into our company infrastructure is the need to stay current, relevant and knowledgeable regarding all things technology, marketing, communications and best practices. Whether it is for clients or vendors, we train our agents to adapt to our partners’ vision, terminology and business goals.


At Q3M, we believe in keeping all pertinent information, specifically what belongs to our clients, confidential and proprietary. To secure the integrity of your data, we have developed an IT infrastructure designed to protect, secure and safely store all of the information contained in our database. Client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details – all of this information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Since data can be compromised in many ways, our strategy involves covering areas such as: technical measures, online firewall security and onboarding a well-educated staff.

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